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Joel Mabus Music On Paper

TAB, Guitar Arrangements, & Lead Sheets

An ongoing project... most recently updated January 24, 2015
Scroll down for complete offerings.

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Lead Sheets for original songs (melody w/chords and lyrics)
Guitar Arrangements (instrumentals I have recorded in standard notation & TAB)
Fiddle Tunes (originals I have written for contradancing)
Banjo Tab (tunes I have recorded written out in TAB)

The latest news is that the book, Parlor Guitar, has been published

The book has detailed note-for-note transcriptions (music & tab) of ten songs from the Parlor Guitar CD.  The book also has a CD included of those 10 cuts from the original album.
To be clear: the CD included with the book is not the complete Parlor Guitar CD, but just the ten cuts transcribed --
click here for more about this book and ordering info

Unbound  Arrangements

With the help of a professional music scoring program (Finale) I have available some of my songs in lead sheet format (that means a melody staff, chords above and lyrics below) -- and transcriptions of several of my guitar instrumentals in full arrangements (two staves with music notation on top and the tablature version underneath).  I also have most of my original fiddle tunes in treble clef notation with chords. And I have begun to add some banjo tunes in TAB notation. Check back for new additions.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The guitar arrangements I offer unbound are not note-by-note transcriptions of the recorded work.  That IS the case of the Parlor Guitar BOOK (above), but these others I offer are a "how-I-play-this-tune" arrangements which are VERY similar to how they sound on the cd, but are basically once through the tune, and don't include the variations I do with each pass, or the intro's or the interludes between songs that might occur in medleys. But each is a good solid arrangement and each represents my ideal when I sit down to play my versions of these songs.

[click here to see a sample of a guitar arrangement] 
[click here to see a sample of banjo tab]


At some point I may have these compiled into songbooks. But for now I can offer them as printed sheet music.  Printed on 8.5x11 paper on one side. After much contemplation about fair compensation, I have come up with the following prices: 

One dollar per page, 

PLUS a printing/handling/shipping fee of $6 per order.
(printed on one side of paper and mailed flat in manila envelope, first class mail.)
If you are ordering one or more CDs, and don't mind your pages folded, I can waive the extra mailing fee and include them in your cd package for just $1 per page. Likewise, if you are ordering a book, the pages can be mailed (but unfolded) with no additional printing/handling/shipping fee. 

One dollar per page, 
NO printing/handling/shipping.
I can email the songs as attachments in PDF format, which would eliminate the printing and shipping fee. Just the One Dollar per page would apply. You would need a PDF reader, such as Adobe, to open and print the music. I may have to email larger orders in multiple emails.

You can order by mail and send a check, or pay by using Paypal.
(Minimum order using Paypal, $10 please)

Just be sure to include an address and tell me specifically which songs you want.  If the math seems too daunting, email me with the songs you want and I will send you a price quote. 

And remember -- If you are ordering CDs and want just a few sheets of music too, email me for a price quote, as I can waive the extra S&H fee. 

pay check to:

PO BOX 306

make Paypal funds payable to:

click here for more info on Paypal

Check this page again, as more songs will be added!

Here is what is available, sorted by subject.:


A Better Voice                    2 pages = $2.00

Christmas Bells                    1 page = $1.00

The Druggist                        4 pages = $4.00

Hopelessly Midwestern          2 pages = $2.00

Sea of Dreams                      1 page = $1.00

Touch A Name on the Wall     2 pages = $2.00

[click here for ordering instructions]

If you don't see the song or tune you are looking for,
contact me at joel.mabus@pobox.com and ask if it might be available


songs from How Like The Holly:

Rorate Ceoli Desuper                    1 page = $1.00

Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen            1 page = $1.00
(Lo, how a rose)

How Vain the Cruel Herod's Fear    1 page = $1.00

One Horse Open Sleigh
(Jingle Bells in rag style)                3 pages = $3.00


tunes from Thumb Thump:

The Creeper                        3 pages = $3.00

Red Dog Rag                        7 pages = $7.00

Struttin' To Tootsie's            6 pages = $6.00

[click here for ordering instructions]

tunes from Parlor Guitar -- songs that are not in the book:

After You've Gone                     1 page = $1.00

Annie Laurie                             2 pages = $2.00

Aura Lee                                  1 page = $1.00

Avalon                                     3 pages = $3.00

Endearing Young Charms            2 pages = $2.00

Santa Lucia                               1 page = $1.00

I'm Just Wild About Harry           1 page = $1.00

You Made Me Love You               2 pages = $2.00

[click here for ordering instructions]

If you don't see the song or tune you are looking for,
contact me at joel.mabus@pobox.com and ask if it might be available

BANJO TUNES IN TAB (clawhammer)

The Dragonfly  (original)                       1 page = $1.00

Firelake    (original)                             3 pages = $3.00

Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?             1 page = $1.00

The Last of June   (original)                  1 page = $1.00

Old Mother Flanagan                        1 page = $1.00

Paddy on the Railroad                     1 page = $1.00

The Reel with the Beryl                  1 page = $1.00

The Straits of Mackinac  (original)          2 pages = $2.00

Sugar Bush Square Dance  (original)        1 page = $1.00

Thom Paine's Dream  (original)               3 pages = $3.00

Whistling Rufus                                2 pages = $2.00

[click here for ordering instructions]

If you don't see the song or tune you are looking for,
contact me at joel.mabus@pobox.com and ask if it might be available

        (ask me about bulk rates for the fiddle tunes)

The Black Frog
The Blue Jig (from Top Drawer String Band CD)
Doubleday's Slides  (from Fairies & Fools LP)
Farewell to Cohen
Four Small Potatoes
The Frosty Fog  (from Fairies & Fools LP)
The Green Mouse
The House to Myself  (from Fortunes CD)
Kitten In the Sink
The Lasses of Janiveer (from Top Drawer String Band CD)
Light Beneath the Bushel #1  (from Fairies & Fools LP)
Light Beneath the Bushel #2   (from Fairies & Fools LP)
A Midsummer Night's Waltz  (from Short Stories CD)
New French
Prof. Wilkinson's Jig
The Tedious Bee
Top Note Jig
Young Doctor Levine

[click here for ordering instructions]

If you don't see the song or tune you are looking for,
contact me at joel.mabus@pobox.com and ask if it might be available


updated: January 24, 2015

2008 - 2013 Joel Mabus