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Book A Gig -- Promote A Gig -- Stage Requirements -- Product Sales

This is the page to read if you are considering hiring me for a concert or other event.  Hopefully you have already browsed the rest of my website, or are already familiar with my music.  (If you need more convincing, click here!) I won't quote any prices here, since my fee is subject to so many contingencies. But this page may answer many of your concerns.

In my earlier days, I had a few experiences using booking agents that were less than adequate. So I took the bit in my teeth and began booking myself.  There is no "middle man" involved when you deal with me.  That has it's good points despite some draw backs. I may not have a high-powered agency behind me, but I am pretty easy to reach, and easy to deal with, and am interested in being a partner with the presenter. We need to work together to attract and build an audience -- and find a business arrangement that will work for both of us.

On this page you will find information on contacting me and links to tools that will help you promote the gig, once it is booked.

Book A Date?

If you are interested in hiring me for an event -- festival, concert, music camp, or what-have-you -- please contact me directly: 


For all correspondence here is my mailing address:

Joel Mabus
PO Box 306
Portage, MI 49081

If you want to talk to me by phone, email me and I will give you my phone number and a good time to call.


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Tools For Promoting A Gig

Let's work together to get the word out. All my publicity materials are online. I can mail you hard copy, but before you ask for multiple "press kits" click on this:

ONLINE PRESS KIT -- everything on one page for your publicity department

Go to this page for easy links to photos in several resolutions, biography, discography, professional resume, and lots of juicy quotes.


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Technical Requirements

Please note that not all folksingers use the same stage set up.  I can do a short set with only two microphones -- one for voice and one for guitar. But that is NOT my setup for a full concert, nor the optimal stage plot for presenting my music at it's best.

 Click here for stage plots with sound and tech requirements


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Product Sales

I usually offer my recordings for sale at the gig.  
I prefer to offer CDs at $15, the way most performers on the circuit do.  Sometimes I handle the sales myself, sometimes the venue does, and often we work together at the sales table. 

Note: I have a sales tax license for my home state of Michigan.  I sell product in my home state with tax included. So a $15 CD actually sells for $14.15 plus 85 cents tax (6%).

We can negotiate how the sales are handled and whether commissions are appropriate. Don't take anything for granted until we discuss the issue.

Click here for a list of my recordings currently for sale


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2008 Joel Mabus
Last revised: November 12, 2008 .