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Golden Willow Tree

(Fossil 1504)
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Released May 18, 2004
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Here you have for your amusement & edification a collection of banjo tunes, ballads and prairie serenades. Rivers run through it and birds fly above it while life's indelible issues persist. The willow tree is made of roots & branches - the roots solid in the past, drinking from deep hidden waters while the branches are ever-spreading, shaped by wind & weather. So am I - planted here with my feet on the ground and my head in the sky, stretching my limbs once again to share the music that both feeds me and is from me in this season.

    [click on or right-click & save "mp3 sample" to listen]

1. The Last Of June   clawhammer banjo instrumental   [mp3 sample]
2. Papa Caught A Catfish  
vocal, guitar    [mp3 sample]
3. Sally Goodin In The Alley With Sugar In The Gourd * 
clawhammer banjo w/ vocal    [mp3 sample]
4. Spoon River And You  
vocal, guitar  [mp3 sample]
5. Speed The Plow *  
guitar instrumental  [mp3 sample]
6. Ruben. **  
vocal, clawhammer banjo    [mp3 sample]
7. The Golden Willow Tree *  
vocal  [mp3 sample]
8. Banjo ala Turk  
clawhammer banjo instrumental    [mp3 sample]
9. The Bird's Alphabet  
vocal  [mp3 sample]
10. Noe's Dove  
vocal, clawhammer banjo    [mp3 sample]
11. Ride Away Easy  
vocal, guitar    [mp3 sample]
12. Crossing The Ohio  
guitar instrumental    [mp3 sample]
13. Study War No More *  
vocal, guitar    [mp3 sample]

All songs written by Joel Mabus except
* traditional, arranged and adapted by Joel Mabus
** traditional melody arranged with new lyrics by Joel Mabus
All songs Fingerboard Music, BMI

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2008 Joel Mabus